Where is your focus?  And what have you been focusing on?

Over the last couple of months, I have written articles about decision making and having a balanced life and the one ingredient that each of these subjects have in common is focus.

So why is focus an ingredient in decision making and having that balanced life.

Well, focus is defined in many ways:

  1. as the centre of interest or activity
  2. the key to motivate you too live
  3. a way of thinking to get results
  4. a way to go beyond in the act of gaining awareness
  5. as choice
  6. a way to concentrate.

If focus can be defined in these many ways above, where is your focus?  What holds your centre of interest or activity?   Is your focus motivating you to make decisions that take you towards or way from the results you want?  Is your focus from the outside in or the inside out?

Where you are focused contributes to the whys and how you make your decisions and how balanced you feel or believe your life to be.  Without focus we cannot concentrate, hence we put our attention into the wrong things.  When your focus is in the wrong direction or distorted, the decisions you make tend not to lead us to the outcomes we want.  The concepts and viewpoints we hold in our minds have a blurred view liken to that of the lens of a camera that is out of focus.  We then make our decisions based on this view, then adding the beliefs we have about ourselves, especially the beliefs that limit us in some way or another, only creating more of what we see but not what we really want.

When your focus is motivated towards what you want, you start to analyse and ask what the possibilities of your desired outcome will be, if you take Road A as opposed to taking Road B.  Your outlook on life and how you make decisions change, as you no longer look to others for approval or to confirm that you are doing the right thing.  Responsibility takes the place of fear and you become happy to be responsible for the outcomes that occur from your decisions, and if necessary to modify your plans in accordance without the fears.  Confusion is now dispelled as you know what you need because you have planned carefully and are taking responsibility.

There are many elements involved in learning to become focused from inside out and/or change your focus towards what you want.  So how do you change the direction of your focus?

The strategy below is one I used to help keep me focused on what I want when I felt prone to focusing away from what I want:

  1. Look at your current results – are they what you want?
  2. Accept and acknowledge that you have been focusing away from what you want.
  3. Do not beat up on yourself but to love that side of you and forgive yourself for the change of focus.
  4. Take some time out to sit and ask yourself questions as to why your focus has changed, moved away from what you want.

(Question yourself as thoroughly as you possibly can, without beating yourself up)

  1. Take the necessary loving action steps to return to focusing on what you want by identifying the needs that arise from the self-analysis questions.
  2. Then choose what you focus on – remember where you focus is a choice.

I hope I have given you food for thought and added a little value to your day.

If you need help in gaining clarity on where you are focusing, let’s talk!  Go over to my contact page and fill in your details and let’s see how you can focus more on what you want in your life.

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