Whats Important (2)




Important – having great significance, having influence or power

Have you ever spent time and considered what is important? Or when was the last time you really contemplated what is important to you?

The purpose I had in mind for this blog, was to publish something that was informative and would be posted for the month of July. However, as I was writing I decided to take some time to look into what is important to me which changed the purpose of this blog.

I no longer just wanted to write something that was just informative or for the month July. I wanted to post an article that would inspire you to action and get you thinking about what is important to you and for your life.

So I decided to seek the opinion of others, asking what’s important to them. I also asked whether they had thought about what is important before I posed this question to them, and if they had, how often would they do this.

Firstly, I asked my partner what was important to him. Before answering he wanted to know in what terms I meant. Was it, what’s important in this moment, this minute or longer term. I wanted to know about both. His response for this minute, was sleep, it was quite late, past his bedtime!.

For longer term, he said what was important to him was being debt free, which meant for him paying off his mortgage as soon as possible. He also kindly shared that his longer term focus of paying off his mortgage is important because achieving it would be the main connector in achieving all his secondary goals. He also said that he considers what is important to him on a regular basis, to help keep him focused on what is still important and to monitor whether he is still on target.

I asked the same question of a family friend. Her response was sleep, diet and exercise. However it was only because I asked the question that she thought about it. She also shared that having to manage the day to day things that come up as important or urgent was enough to cope with, so therefore didn’t have the time to be considering anything else that may or may not be of importance.

Both my partner and family friend have very different outlooks. My partners actions and what he says is important, is truly important to him because every day he works towards his plan of paying off his mortgage early. However on the other hand, my friend is still struggling with her sleep, diet and exercise and by her own admission cannot be bothered looking at anything else that might be important as she has enough on her plate with the day to day important and urgent stuff.

I realised that after speaking to my partner and family friend, that what’s important changes and can be different, based on the knowledge we gained from the interaction with others, through education, our state of mind, our environment and our experiences, whether these experiences are negative or positive. Another realisation is that, what’s important is crucial in determining how much focus we give to a particular thing or activity. This can also be applied to an individual.

I also recognised that what was important to me, putting up an informative post for the month of July, is still important although the bigger picture is that I want the post to be helpful yet, thought provoking and would move you into action, considering what’s important to you.

So my challenge to you, is that you spend some time deeply considering what is important to you, why it is important and the level of importance you giving to the thing, person or activity that you say is important.

Also, consider whether the thing you have identified as important will help you on your journey to having the best life you want for yourself.

If you need help in finding out what is important to you, let’s talk, go over to my contact page and fill in your details and let’s find out what’s important to you.

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