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Isn’t it ironic the very thing that we think we have mastered comes back to bite us on our backsides, with a harder lesson to take us to the next level.

When it does, it’s up us to either work through it or bomb out!

Why do we self-destruct? Why do we stop half way through a process of change and say “hey folks, we need to stop working otherwise we will actually achieve the thing we most desire!”

So, stop working now!

Retreat to your previous stance!

Ironically, the position you are retreating to is where you tried to get away from in the first place!!!

Well it true it leads back to our awareness of self. Yes, I know we’ve been through this before in part 1, (if you haven’t read part 1 click here).

However, there are so many levels to explore on this topic, I’m not sure if or when I will hit the heart of it, but that’s great because we then have lots of stuff to learn and consider!!!!!

So, what’s blocking your progress now?

I had to put all my senses into action especially my intuition, to think on a deeper level to answer or should I say reveal a decent answer to the above question and believe me it wasn’t as easy as you would think!

When I started to look at and consider whether I myself had any of the defective character traits:


I discovered that I did, however at the same time I had the positive character traits of:


Now you’re probably wondering what am I talking about, how can someone be the negative traits and the positive at the same time?

Well, let me explain and all will be revealed!!!

At different times in our lives we display both the negative and the positive traits. It’s like a coin, it has two sides and both are different, hence are still part of the one coin.

And yes us humans, at times, we can be just like coins, having two sides, however, unlike a coin, we cannot exist as two things at once, especially two things that are the opposite of one another, e.g. positive and negative.

You see, where positivity resides, negativity has less likelihood of taking root and vice versa. For example, if we look at the negative personality trait of inconsistency. If you have been inconsistent in your life say 85% of the time, however you are consistent for 15%, what you will find is that your life will reflect the trait that you gravitate to most often, meaning that the things you consistently do will have little or no effect because you are inconsistent more often, so it cancels out anything you may have done consistently through your habitual behaviour of inconsistency.

This is why some of us do not see very much progress in what we do and so we self-destruct because we have habits and traits that negate one another.

How can we overcome this problem?

Firstly, we have to become self aware. Aware of our habitual behaviours and personality traits. We then need to understand what meanings we link to each of these habitual behaviours and why we display certain personality traits more than others and which ones are in opposition to each other.

Understanding the above about ourselves is a step closer to changing from blocking our own progress to progressing without limits.

They say that we will pull in the direction of least resistance, towards the thing that we deem as easiest to achieve. Can this be the reasons why we stop halfway through a process of change, because it becomes difficult and so we go in the direction of least resistance.

My challenge to you, is for you to be totally honest with yourself and identify, which if any of the personality traits lie within you and look at whether you have, both positive and negative at the same time, and look at which ones are pulling in opposite directions of each other.

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