Here are some testimonials from clients, see what they have to say:

It’s been a pleasure to have Rose as my coach. Rose has helped me to understand my thought patterns that have gotten in the way of me living up to my full potential. I started our sessions as someone who was dealing with a lot of internal conflict.  After using her services, I’ve grown so much emotionally and mentally. I’m more confident and self assured than I have ever been. I attribute that to Rose’s style of coaching. She’s friendly and an excellent listener, which made me feel like I could confide in her. Rose helped me to understand my problems and to put things into perspective, which has helped me to grow and move past thought patterns that were holding me back. Another thing that I love about her sessions is that I’d always leave feeling invigorated and inspired. Her services doesn’t just stop at coaching, but it goes above and beyond to provide support. I could write down my thoughts about what I was feeling on our online journal and track my progress outside of our sessions and this helped us to direct our sessions. I would highly recommend Rose, she has made a huge impact on my life and I know she does the same for others.

Ashanty Alves


Having signed up and gone through the Unlock Your Potential coaching program. I can say, initially it was something that I wasn’t too sure about although I wanted change. I knew that I had some issues that were deeply rooted and would take more than just a nudge to shift. One thing for certain I needed some help, I took on the course, not realising there would be so many uncomfortable moments. Moments when I had to look at myself in the mirror and face up to who I’d become, to look and say well that’s not who I am or who I wanna be, this needs to change. Having consistent accountability all the time yielded a growth spurt in my character and there were many moments like this in the course. Overall the course has helped me tremendously, with responsibility, planning and goal setting. It’s been a very interesting and rewarding course. I really enjoyed it.

Darrel Taylor


I have been impressed with Rose’s approach to coaching, incredibly dynamic, constructively challenging, whilst empathetic. I would highly recommend Rose to other professionals.

Tracy Grey MBA


I did a free life coaching session with Rose. The session gave me an opportunity to evolve my thoughts, to make constructive decisions about my future and being able to resolve issues that were long standing.

Karen, West Midlands


Rose has been such an inspiration for me and I have loved each and every session. I have grown so much as a person and achieved things I never thought possible. I do not think I would have been able to do this without the encouragement from Rose. She has been wonderful, a pleasure for me to coach with.

SG, West Midlands