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Time is Valuable

Have you ever considered the meaning of the words Time, Value, Valuable and Able?

Let’s look at the definitions I found for these words below:

Time:       the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole

Valuable:                            Worth a great deal of money

Extremely useful and important


Value:                                   Estimate the monetary worth of

Consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of

Value = Ethics

Value = Personal or Cultural

Able:                                     Having the power, skill, means or opportunity to do something.

Having considerable skill, proficiency or intelligence

What do you Value or consider Valuable?

Well, some may consider Money, Gold , Diamond , Pearls and Rubies to be valuable or of value and/or you may deem something that is endangered or has the fret of extinction as being of value or valuable.

The fact is we place value on or a entity becomes valuable or even precious to us when we realise it is going or has gone and as we know, once it’s gone, we can never get it back!!

So, wouldn’t you say this applies to TIME as well?

Everyone talks about the value of money but have you ever considered, although you can lose money, you can make more and you are able to save to spend another day, week, month or year.


TIME on the other hand cannot be saved for another day, week, month or year and as it cannot be saved you definitely cannot make any more of it.

Each and every one of us gets 24 hours each day to spend, no more no less.  Although when you are young those 24 hours seem to twice as long, unlike when you get much older and time seems to fly by.

TIME cannot be stored up and any TIME you lose cannot be made back – it’s gone forever.

So, why is it we give more attention to money and other things we can make more of, yet we don’t make the conscious effort to value our TIME and spend it wisely.

As we can never get back a second once it’s gone, let alone an hour, a day or a year, shouldn’t we consider our TIME to be Valuable?  And going back to the definition of Valuable – something extremely useful and important, isn’t TIME worth the label of being Valuable?

So, why is it that so many of us let TIME pass before our eyes without a thought at how valuable it is?

We listen to what money is or isn’t in the economy, we make budget plans for our money, we have financial plans, debt management plans and we look at what the rich are buying with their money but very few of us look at, focus or plan how we are spending our TIME or have spent our TIME.

Wouldn’t it be wiser and valuable to make plans for our TIME, alongside those budget plans for our money?

Consider this, if we Valued our TIME and made plans, set goals focusing how we spend our time with a view of attaining the goals set in these plans wouldn’t we achieve more and at the same time acquire money the other thing that is valued dearly in today’s society?

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