Yes, I saw that or did I!  I think I did, Oh, I’m not sure now!

Does the above sound familiar?  Doubting what you just saw, going from positive confidence to negative doubt.

Many of us do this so often, that we don’t even realise that we have been doubting ourselves, and the worse part of that is through our self-doubt we limit our lives each and every time.

William Shakespeare said, “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”.

Think about the amount of times you lost out on something because you doubted who you are, what you know, your abilities and your skills and how you were then disabled with fear, conjured up by your own self-doubt.

Now think about a time in your life when you had no doubt you could do something and even was confident how things would turn out.  What was the result?

Back in 2011 I decided that I wanted to prove that it was true that anything could do anything that they put their minds too.  So I chose after many years of working in the corporate field to become a bus driver.  You see I wanted to prove that the teaching and tools that we taught our clients, actually worked and wasn’t just gimmicks to sell our coaching but actually work and I proved that they worked especially through the power of self-confidence and dismissing totally self-doubt that I may hold about myself and that of others I kept the belief and confidence in myself that I would pass the PCV test I would have to take after 10 days of training I was really sure of myself even in the face of my own instructor not believing I had the capabilities , I did not allow myself to doubt that I could pass and with flying colours.

You see self-doubt can be a troubling and persistent voice that can strip away your dreams and hold you back from having everything you want to see in your life.  But by not allowing yourself to be consumed with self-doubt your dreams and any opportunities that come your way can be yours.

Some important things that you need to remember about self-doubt are:

  • Self-doubt is based on fear.
  • Fear is based on your past negative experiences.
  • Self-doubt appears to protect you from past negative experiences.
  • Those past negative experiences no longer exist in your current reality; they are just memories.
  • Self-doubt has no hold on you if you stay in the present, in the now.
  • Self-doubt has no hold if you do not allow it to take you off course from what you want.
  • Self-doubt doesn’t like being questioned.  For example, you have been telling yourself for a number of years you cannot cook, although you have never tried, question yourself about your doubts.

Ask yourself:

Why do I believe I cannot cook?

Depending your answer, ask yourself…..

Is this still true for me?

If so, why?

Explore the answers that come up to answer why you have been doubting yourself, and what you may find is that you have been basing your doubts and fears on old outdated information.

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