When was the last time you thought about where you are focusing and what you are focusing on?

Have you ever got up and realised that your focus has been primarily in the past?

Thinking about what you did yesterday, what you left unfinished from last week, how you were treated in the past and how your life use to be. 

When I discovered I was thinking this way, I realised that I was constantly looking back and my focus was in the past and not the present, and that all my experiences in the present time were based on what had past.

It is only when you become aware of this, that you realised that your focus has a big stake in your past.  With this awareness, you begin to see the reasons why you constantly see the same old things in your present that existed in your past.  What we do is complain about the things that have been showing up in our lives, because they are not what we want, with the things we really want being scarce, since our focus is on what has gone and what has past.

It’s ironic, how we focus on the past because it’s what we know or know we can handle and understand.  We don’t focus on what we want as it creates anxiety within ourselves because we now have to do something new, things that we are not sure how to do, how things will work out or whether we can really handle it, leaving us in a perpetual cycle of focusing on the past, what we don’t want however hoping that what we want will come to us someday.

How can we re-focus to change the direction of our focus or re-focus on what we want?

Well this will depend on how much you are attached to your past story, how much this story defines you and how comfortable you are with repeating your story as a posed to creating a new one.  Your focus also defends on the choices you make on a daily basis, whether the choice is to stay attached to your past, just taking the lesson learned and deciding you want to step out of your past, into your present in order to create a different future.  Having an awareness of self, i.e. your thoughts, feeling and circumstances and environments are keys to re-focusing your attention on what you want, based on where you are now and not your past story or circumstances.

To re-focus and change direction, you will have to become disciplined and pay attention to yourself especially the habitual negative self-talk that goes on inside our heads on a daily basis.  We also have to realise that these things will not go away, however we can retrain ourselves to not to get stuck in these thoughts and behaviours and to think new thoughts and have new focus.

Steps to take to get better focus:

  1. Decide to give up your past story that holds you back.
  2. Learn to make better choices.
  3. Become more aware of yourself, your thoughts, feelings and circumstances that have kept you stuck.
  4. Realise and acknowledge your past.

So my question to you is:

Where is your focus or where do you need to re-focus?

Leave your comments below.

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