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Be Some Boddie provides one-to-one transformational coaching sessions in the format of face-to-face meetings, via the internet using Zoom or Skype and over the telephone.  Our one-to-one coaching sessions are flexible and are adaptable according to your needs.

In our experience of delivering transformational coaching, we have found that the traditional way of delivering coaching, through weekly sessions, although beneficial, does not allows give the quick turnaround of results required by some of our clients. 

With this at the forefront of our minds, we have developed Accelerate and Accelerate Plus to assist you our client to achieve the changes you want in a shorter more effective period of time.


The Accelerate package has been developed to assist your acceleration in self-awareness, self-worth and knowing your significance from day one of starting your coaching journey.

Accelerate consists of a half day session to get you clear about what you want and how to make the changes you desire.  One month’s email and telephone support are included which starts once you‘ve completed the half day.


The Accelerate Plus package is for anyone who wants a bit more face-to-face coaching time.  It has all the feature of the Accelerate package along with four weekly 2 hour sessions, plus the one month’s email and telephone support which starts once all the face to face session has finished.


Re-Creating U is our 20-week program designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of who we are.

The program is divided into three sections.

Section One – BE  Develops your understanding of self, consisting of 8 modules.

Section Two – DO  Looks in depth at how your actions and behaviours affect your results in life and consists of 7 modules.

Section Three – HAVE  The final section looks at goals setting and developing action plans to assist the achievement and attainment of your goals.  This section consists of 5 modules. 



The Be Some Boddie group coaching sessions bring people together, who want to discuss and explore their challenges with others and are working towards achieving a common goal.

Our group coaching sessions are run in two formats, face-to-face and online.


These sessions are a great way to create a culture of peer support.  Group members can co-coach each other, enhancing their development and achieve the changes they want sooner as they are now helping another who is in the same or similar position as they were.  Stephen Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, believed that you learn by teaching, and through experience, we have learnt that this is true.


Do you want to make what you have left of 2019, your best year yet?

Are you committed to your success and ready to take action NOW?

The Online Group Program starts Wednesday 26th June 2019 at 9.00pm

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Sessions will be held fortnightly via Zoom. Places are limited