My Story

I have always known there was something more for me in life, however, my attachment to the feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough robbed me of living the life I wanted for so many years.

I dreamed of one day owning my own business, but somewhere along life’s road, I packed away those dreams, believing that someone like me couldn’t be a business owner.  I couldn’t see myself with the life or thing I wanted, so went along with what life gave me, never asking for anything more. 

I remember finding an old school report which said, “Rosemary could do better if she had more confidence in her abilities”, and this seemed to be the story of my life into adulthood.

I felt unworthy and not good enough, so always settled for what I could get, for example, jobs that were lower than my potential, dysfunctional relationships, and poor financial situations, which all had negative consequences on my health.  Life looked as if it would not change, although deep down in me I felt there was a change to come but had no idea how to make them happen.

In November 2007 I felt I could no longer live like I was, I needed to make changes, so decided to become a driving instructor, but this was only short lived.  In December 2007 I received a phone call from a lady, who to this day, I still don’t know who she was or how she got my number.  The lady said that she had heard I was looking for a business opportunity and wanted to send me a course to look at.  I told her that I had signed up for a driving instructor course, her response was, “You need to look at this course”.  This was how life coaching found me. 

As I embarked on my life coaching journey, my life went through a series of changes, with some positive and others, at the time, looking like anything other than positive.  Things turned upside down, my relationships and my employment, everything.  However, it was at this point that everything was resetting itself and falling into place.  What I realised is that life has a way of giving us what we need.  This was the start of my awakening and awareness of self.

Life coaching was the contributory factor for me realising I could use my challenges of unworthiness, not feeling good enough, and struggling to find my place in this world, to be of inspiration and support to other, like You, who are facing the same or similar life challenges that I had. 

I use to ask ‘why me’.  Now I know why.   It was this way so that my journey would lead me to my purpose of assisting others to create big changes and transform their lives, for this reason, Be Some Boddie was created.

I am passionate about seeing you achieve their full potential and believe that anything in life is achievable once you have faith in yourself and an awareness of who you are.  I also believe that to gain the faith and awareness in and of oneself, non-judgemental support and guidance are necessary to direct you on your life’s journey.

If like me You’re asking ‘why me’.  Let us at Be Some Boddie assist you finding your Why, to ensure you turn your challenges into triumphs.

Let us aid You in seeing life differently so that you can achieve more of what you want.