DecisionsHow have you been making decisions in your life?

Have you been making decisions that move you towards what you really want?

Or have you been making decisions that automatically take you way off course of your desired results?

There was a time in my life that I tried to avoid making any decisions at all, and I know some of you out there have also tried not to make decisions.  However, no matter how we try to avoid and resist making those important decisions, the truth is, at some point in all our lives we will have to make a decision, with some decisions being more important than others.

No matter what the level of importance of the decision, have you ever thought about how you have been making decisions?  Would you say you make good decisions all the time, some of the time or not at all?

Bob Proctor wrote in Your Greatest Result …Begins With Your Decision, “that decision making has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation you will encounter“.  He also went on to state “that decisions or the lack of them are responsible for the making or breaking of many a career“.

What I realised about the decisions that I’ve made in my life, were that the decisions I made, were only good at the time they were made, having no substance, as they did not and could not take me in the direction of where I wanted to go.  Why?  Because I was always looking back at my past results and projecting them into my future, meaning that any decision I made at that time, was usually made to get rid of problems but not to solve it long term.

On working with a few clients on decision making, I recognised the same pattern I had, realising that the thing that was holding them back from moving forward was related entirely to what they were focused on, which seemed to have a criteria for how they made their decisions.

This criteria was:

  1. Making decisions based on our past or past results –

          This is what I had been doing.  Think back to a time when you was told in the past you could not do something or you failed at something you set out to do.  So when another opportunity that is similar to the one you failed at comes along, what do you do?  Do you decide not to apply or try whatever it was because you failed previously or told you could not do that it.

          If you have good self-esteem and confidence you are most likely to learn from that previous failure and try again, doing something different this time around.  However if you have low self esteem and confidence in yourself the result is that your more likely to make the decision not to act, which then moves you just a little bit further away from what you want.

  1. Making decisions based on our fears –

          At some point in each of our lives we all become fearful of one of the nine  everyday fears, which are fear of lack, fear of loneliness, fear of criticism, fear of illness, fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection and fear of the unknown (also known as change).  When we make decisions based any of these fear, they are usually driven by the beliefs we hold about ourselves and are focused on.

          For example, imagine you have a fear of failure and a fear of success.  Yes, what a combination!  You want to start you own business but are afraid that your idea isn’t good enough, you are not qualified enough, you know where I am going with this.  So you make your decision not to start your own business based on this fear and fuelled by the beliefs that you are not qualified enough.

          Now let’s say you have quite a strong belief in your idea, so you decide your fear of failure isn’t going to hold you back, however in comes your fear of success along with some self talk chattering away – “what if I cannot keep up with the demands of the services people want or the demands of the business“,  Again the decisions you make are based on your fear, so you start moving away from what you want.

  1. Making decisions to get rid of a problem or for instant gratification

          Just like making decisions based on our past or past results and fear, making decisions just to get rid of a problem or for instant gratification  moves you away from what you want.

          You may be querying, how might this be the case.  Well, you see getting rid of a problem that presents itself in front of us, does not always mean we have solved it for the long term.

          For example, a woman is in need of some money to pay an unexpected bill, she is already maxed out on her credit cards and overdraft, but then decides to take out a loan because it solves the issue of paying the unexpected bill she has received.  As you can see the loan instantly solves her bill problem, however she has a bigger issue with debts and the loan has just added to it.

Decisions based on the above criteria keeps us focused on fear.  We then hold ourselves in more fear by visualising what may happen based on the past and project it into the future, our fears and the problem we are currently facing.

Blue Solution Word Showing Success Achievement And Strategy

So, how do we make decisions that move us towards what we want?
  1. We must make decisions based on where we are heading or want to be.  You wouldn’t leave home without knowing where you were going, would you?  If you didn’t know how to get somewhere you would use a Sat Nav or map to find the directions to where you were going.

2.  You would have faith that the decisions you made are the right decisions for you and where you are heading.  If you have your map of where you are heading, your decisions that are based on faith, will also have some direction to help get you where you are heading.

            Please note – that having faith in your decisions start with having belief in yourself.

  1. Make decisions not only to solve the current problem, but ones that can completely solve it and any reoccurrence of it, in the foreseeable future.

            For example, instead of taking out a loan that adds to your current rising debt problem.  Look at ways of budgeting your finances or looking for ways to increase your income, to get out of debt and plan for future unexpected bills.

If you need help in gaining clarity with your decision making, let’s talk, go over to my contact page and fill in your details and let’s find out how your decisions can become triumphs.

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