Life coaching is a talking therapy intended to increase an individual’s potential.  Through discussion, clients are supported in understanding themselves, finding strategies and inspiration, and designing and moving towards new and better situations.  We achieve this by empowering clients with specific tools and tested strategies.  Coaching is a solution-focused approach to personal development that can assist in making lasting changes in all areas of life.

Life coaching differs from counselling in that it is primarily focused on the present and the future. It may be necessary to look back to find the root causes of the destructive behavioural and thinking patterns to unpick the problems, then we come back to the “where are we presently?” and “where do we want to be?”.

What are the different types of Coaching?

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Personal/Life Coaching –

It is a mutual solution-focused, results-orientated approach, in which the coach facilitates the client in enhancing performance at work, life experience, reflective learning and personal growth.

Executive Coaching –
It is specifically focused at the senior management level, where the coach will explore business-related topics and personal development topics with the client to improve their performance.

Corporate/Business Coaching –
It is focused on supporting employees, either as an individual, as part of a team or organisation, to achieve improved business performance and operational effectiveness.

Speciality/Niche Coaching –
The Coach is an expert in addressing one particular aspect of a person’s life, e.g. mindset, stress, career, or the coach is focused on enhancing a particular section of the community, e.g. entrepreneurs, women, youths.

Group Coaching –
The Coach works with several individuals to achieve a common goal within the group or create an environment where individuals can co-coach each other.

Who is Life Coaching for?

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It’s for anyone who wants to improve all or some aspects of their lives.

You might want:

  • to build your confidence
  • to heal wounds from the past
  • to get rid of a destructive habit
  • a new job or career, or promotion in the one you have
  • to find your perfect partner or all the above

Whatever your challenge, Coaching can help, with just a couple of notable exceptions.

If you have a mental health illness, alcohol or drug problem, then coaching is probably not the best option for you – you’re more likely to get the help you need from a therapist specifically qualified in these areas.