There are many benefits attributed to all the various types of coaching. Now, thanks to research undertaken by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), we have statistics to back up the benefits.



Here are 14 benefits of participating in coaching:

  1. Unlock potential

Many of us have potential that we are not aware of. With the help of life coaches, you can unlock this potential.  A life coach can help you reveal alternative ways of thinking and creating clarity for your direction in life.

  1. Overcome your fears

By minimising negative chatter and embracing your strengths, you can start to overcome fears that have been limiting your ability to achieve your dreams.

  1. Heightened self-awareness

Being fully aware of your impact on others and understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and unique personality traits is an extremely challenging adventure but rewarding in every area of your life.

Self-awareness requires introspection and reflection, something which a life coach can help you work towards.

  1. Improved self-confidence

 According to the ICF study, 36% of women and 33% of men would hire a life coach to help improve their self-confidence, with 40% citing an increase in their self-confidence.

  1. Eliminate negative thoughts

Life coaches are armed with a series of tools and techniques that can help you eliminate the negative thoughts that hold you back.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress is common in our society today.  Money worries, career-related issues, or personal relationship problems can result in mental instability and stress-related health concerns. Life coaches can help with relaxation techniques to help reduce stress.

  1. Decreased depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are society-wide health problems with many complex elements, none of which are easy to fix.  However, having an ally in your corner who understands your triggers can improve the way you deal with the symptoms of these mental health issues.

  1. Improve physical well-being

Life coaches can offer more than just emotional and psychological support. They can also help you create and execute a plan to improve your physical well-being: a healthy body and a healthy mind.

  1. Improve communication

42% of people who hire a life coach improve their communication skills, according to the IFC study.

  1. Create a balanced life

One of the benefits of a life coach is identifying what balance looks like for you and defining action steps to achieve more balance in your life.

  1. A different perspective

A life coach can provide a new and often helpful perspective on life.

  1. Find your creativity

Working with a life coach to brainstorm ideas can help you become more creative, bringing to life ideas that are hidden in the depths of your subconscious.

  1. Produce higher income

The skills you develop while working with a life coach will focus your resources while pursuing career goals or growing your business to new heights. This is one of the key benefits of coaching in a business environment.

  1. Manage time and productivity

Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, but some people use those 24 hours more efficiently than others. Working with a life coach can help you better manage your time, set priorities, and get more done.