5 Steps to Handling Your Fears

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All of us have times when we are afraid of something, and sometimes we can allow these fears to get in our way and hold us back from pursuing what we want. Although fear sometimes can hold us back, we must acknowledge that fear has an legitimate function in our lives, it alerts us to something that could possibly be of harm to us.

I wrote of my fear of driving on the motorway at night in my last blog ‘Is your fear holding you back unnecessarily?’, of how the story I had been telling myself kept this unrealistic fear going for many, many years and how I was able to banish it in one weekend when I decided to handle my fear instead of it handling me.

Here are five steps to consider if you want to start handling your fears:

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Is Fear Holding You Back Unnecessarily?

FearIn my last blog, “Are you, your own worst enemy?”, fear was the third reason I stated that made you your own worst enemy. Why? because of the story you tell yourselves about what happened in the past which keeps us fearful of taking action currently. They say that we teach or write about the things we ourselves need to learn. So, let me tell you about the fear that was holding me back unnecessarily and how it only continued because of the story I was holding onto.

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Are You, Your Own Worst Enemy?

Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Shows Puzzling ProblemFor weeks, months and possibly even years, you have been putting off, starting your own business, changing career, finding that perfect partner or even travelling the world, however up to now you still haven’t done it.


Because you have been stopping yourself, not allowing yourself to do what your heart truly desires you to do. I know, you are saying, this is not the case, I cannot start my own business, I don’t have the funds or the business knowledge to get started. My age and I have family commitments that stop me from travelling the world.

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What’s blocking your progress? (Part 2)

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Isn’t it ironic the very thing that we think we have mastered comes back to bite us on our backsides, with a harder lesson to take us to the next level.

When it does, it’s up us to either work through it or bomb out!

Why do we self-destruct? Why do we stop half way through a process of change and say “hey folks, we need to stop working otherwise we will actually achieve the thing we most desire!”

So, stop working now!

Retreat to your previous stance!

Ironically, the position you are retreating to is where you tried to get away from in the first place!!!

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Don’t Be Too Busy in 2011, Spending Time Wisely

Happy New Year to You all!!!!

It’s 2011 and many of you have probably made New Year’s resolutions to change this or that but by the time we get to the end of January many of us will have failed to continue with these changes we committed to make at the beginning of the New Year.

There are many reasons for not continuing with our resolutions and the one I find to be our main concern is time.

Time plays a big factor in us doing or not doing a lot of things including staying with our resolutions.

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Have power and be powerful but what does that mean? Part 2 Awareness Birmingham United Kingdom

I’ve had so many great comments and request for more articles on this and other subjects, I decided to write a part 2 on Power.

Here goes then!!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!!!

Power? Awareness Birmingham United Kingdom

For those of you who haven’t read part 1, I will recap my definition of what power is.

To have true power for me, I believe, is complete control of oneself.  Having discipline, being focused and at the same time have character traits that are loving and compassionate.

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