I always wanted what is referred to, as a ‘balanced life’, where everything measures up in proportion with everything else.  However, I have come to the conclusion that life does not run in that way.

You see life naturally has highs, lows, twists and turns, with some of the highs more extreme than others and the same with the twists, turns and lows.  So the thing that we need to consider about having balance in our lives is whether we are talking about a balance of things, physical things, or having balance from within ourselves to cope with the things we have going on in our lives and these highs, and lows that naturally come along for the ride.

Although I know what the definition of balance means, I always like to look up the definition as a reminder.  So with this in mind, I found balance to mean a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportion, and balanced as having different elements in the correct proportion.  As I said before, life has ups, downs, twists and turns that are a natural part of life.  Have you ever thought about what you are asking for when you ask for balance in your life or say you want to create a balanced life?  You are requesting that different things to come into your life that are equal or in correct proportion.

This is great, however I cannot remember a time when different things came into my life that were all equal to each other?  Or in the correct proportion to each other?  When things did arrive some usually needed or wanted more time and energy?  Some things brought you into highs and some into lows, but it was never a constant proportion of these things.  Anyway, what is the correct proportion?

Scale My LifeI’m going to use scales as an analogy for our lives.  When scales are on the same level, they usually do not have anything in each side them or they are fashioned with weights of the same proportion, which for arguments sake, we will say these are the correct proportion.

However, things like work, family etc, do not usually present themselves to us at the same level.  If being on the same level means having nothing, do you really want a life of nothing, so that it is balanced?  Or would you prefer to have scales where one side is up at times and tips back and forth as life adjusts itself within the natural flow of life?

In my opinion, balance is an individual thing, not based on the so called ‘correct proportions’. The thought of ‘correct proportions’ conjures up in my mind, the image that there is a “one size fits all, correct proportion”, out there somewhere, and that we have to go in search of it to have a balanced life.

If balance is an individual thing, unique to each person, this would mean ultimately, that we would have to look inwardly, start from the inside out, to find balance and become balanced.  By this I mean, getting to know thyself, knowing who you are, not the labels we or others place on us, but who we are deep inside of ourselves.  Having a map of where you are heading in your life, who you want to have on that journey with you.  Being aware of your strengths, weaknesses and characteristics.  These things will ultimately help you work with yourself to having balance and being balanced.

Balance then takes on a slightly different role in your life.  You know longer will be looking for or trying to base having balance in your life on that so called “correct proportions” out there somewhere in the ether.  Balance now becomes based on the proportions we set for ourselves from within.  You see when you create your own balance, things like our physical space are set to our own rhythm, our own flow and this then applies itself to all areas of our lives and who we are – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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