There are many articles around which talk about changing our beliefs, our focus and lots more.  These are all fantastic and the advice, if used can help you to move forward.  However, something that I realised, whilst travelling this journey of change, was that although I wanted to change my beliefs and focus, there were often times when I wasn’t always aware of what I was believing or even focused on.  This was when I became very interested in awareness.  Why I wasn’t always aware of what I was thinking.

For many of us just knowing we have to get up on a morning is more than enough awareness for one day, never mind having to learn to be aware of everything we think, say and do on a minute by minute basis.

Awareness is one of those things that sounds a great idea but when having to practice it, that is a whole different matter, however, awareness doesn’t have to be so daunting.

Being aware means you are now taking note of your behaviours, what you say and how you react to what others say.  Awareness of self is the secret ingredient when you really start working on and getting to know yourself.  It is the starting of changed behaviour especially the ones that have held you back in the past.

Awareness can help show you where you keep repeating the same mistakes and getting the same results.  How do you really know what something is if you are not aware of all sides to it?  This is what some of us call the pros and cons.

Being aware of who you are can seem to result in extreme measures that you put on yourself, however, in the long run, the reality of knowing yourself outweighs the hard work and possible extreme measure you may or may not have to use to become more aware.

Being aware isn’t complicated or as hard as it may seem, it is just about being aware of what is going on around you.  The difference is not missing things like a child’s laughter or a bird singing instead of being caught up in what is going on in your own headspace, not being present in the moment.

Awareness is not just about listening to what you are saying or knowing how you react to others, it’s about things like self-love, self-care, where you are focused and becoming aware of the doubts that keep going around in your head.

When you are aware and walking in awareness you know what you know,  your skills, your strengths and your weaknesses and which of these you can promote and focus on.

Awareness is the key to opening doors of opportunity for yourself and others, that you would otherwise have not seen or even think could exist for yourself.  You can say that awareness can help you take the steps out of your limited box, into a limitless lifestyle.

So how can you become more aware or practice more awareness in your life:

1.        By being present in the moment.  Focus on what is happening now and not what has gone.

2.       Stop focusing on your past, however, remember the lessons learnt and use them to move you forward.

3.       Focus on what you are good at, this will bring forth more awareness of your talents.

4.       Question everything, questioning helps to expand your awareness.

This is awareness explained in a nutshell, however, awareness is not a subject that can be contained in a nutshell as it is much more than is written here.

Hope this has given you food for thought and added a little value to your day! 

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