Sitting here thinking, what topic should I write about, I realised I could find more excuses on what not to write, than reasons to write on a subject matter.  This got me thinking; why not write a blog on excuses!!

How many excuses have you been making for not doing things that would take you nearer to your dreams?

We are very creative when it comes to making up excuses for what we are not doing or why we are not doing what we ought to be doing.  It is so bad that we even have other people start finding excuses as to why they think you are not doing what we say we ought to. The truth is we wouldn’t need excuses, if we were courageous, bold and true to ourselves by going after what we truly desire or dream of having in our lives. We would go all out for what it is we wanted.  However, we don’t.  We spend our energy instead conjuring up excuses, like a magician conjures up rabbits out of a hat, instead of spending our time and energy wisely going for what we want. The truth is we make excuses as defence for our behaviours and feelings for not doing the things we feel we should be doing.  It is almost like we need some sort of explanation to justify what we are not doing, so we don’t feel bad about not achieving what we truly desire for ourselves. The Oxford Dictionaries online ( state that the meaning of the word ‘excuse’ is to seek to lessen the blame attaching to (fault or offence), try to justify. There is another truth behind excuses.  These truths usually sound something like: ‘I don’t believe I can do…….’’, ‘I’m not good enough’, I’m afraid’ So let me ask you a few question:

  1. What excuses have you been making in your life?
  2. When do you plan to stop making excuses and start being courageous, bold and true to yourself?
  3. Are your excuses greater than your dreams?

If you are ready to stop making excuses and really go for the life you have been dreaming of, let’s talk.

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