My mission is to help you develop your self-awareness and create your best life, so you can live a full life without limitations.


‘What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create

I always knew as a child, that there was something more for me in life, but I was so attached to my story of not being good enough and that I lacked confidence, the story robbed me of living the life I wanted for so many years.

From my teenage years into my thirties, I had made various attempts to change my life but with no real success.  It’s only looking back now, I realise my story and fears were the reasons I couldn’t see myself with the life I wanted and had settled with what life gave me, never asking for anything more, until….

In December 2007 I received a phone call from a lady, (who to this day, I still don’t know who she was), offering me a business opportunity.  Initially, I told her I wasn’t interested as I was committed to something else, but she insisted that I should take a look at it anyway.  This was how life coaching found me, enabling me to become a New Insights Certified Life Coach.

As I embarked on this journey into the coaching field, my life started going through a series of changes, with some positive and others looking anything but positive.  Everything was impacted, my relationships, my job, finances and how I saw myself.  It was at this point, I realised that my life was resetting and falling into place.  This was the start of my awakening and self-awareness plus the beginning of the end of my fears and my ‘not good enough’ story. 

Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by the many times I fell down and got back up again’
Nelson Mandela

Life coaching was the contributory factor enabling me to release my story, build confidence and let go of the fears that held me back, leaving me with the realisation that I could use my challenges to be of inspiration and support to others.

Coaching woke me up to my negative thinking.  The way I thought about myself, other people and society.  I believed I was my not good enough story.  Because of this belief, everything I did centred around this story, the relationships I had, my work life, my finances, what I could do, couldn’t do, could have or couldn’t have.  Every decision I ever made, was based on this belief, this story that I was not good enough’.  Even my lack of confidence was due to this story, believe it or not!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined’
Henry David Thoreau


So, you are probably wondering, how does this help me?

If you want to get past your fears, the negative chatter and stop talking yourself out of doing the things you want to do, I can help.

Everything in life starts with a thought, which becomes a belief which becomes our actions or non-actions.

I can help you unlock your potential and be somebody amazing!

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