Clarity Session – Challenges? Fear? Gain Clarity and Awareness to Think Creatively Life Coach Black Communities in Tipton, Birmingham, United Kingdom

 Free Clarity Session  Online appointments by Smoothbook System Ethnic Background Black Communities Birmingham Unit Kingdom
This free 45 minute session is ideal for anyone who is struggling with making decisions, who feels anxious about their future and unsure about what they really want from life. 
This session, not only helps you to gain clarity on what is truly important and needs resolving in your life right now, it also gives you the chance to experience of what personal life coaching entails and the impact it can have.  

The Benefits:

  • You will know where you are right now
  • Gain clarity on what they want
  • Be clearer on where you want to be
  • Establish what needs resolving in their life right now
  • Leave the session with 3 clear action steps to start your new journey
  • Feel more confident, inspired and re-energized to achieve the changes you seek
  • Session are held in person, over the telephone or Skype
The purpose of this session”: System Birmingham United Kingdom
  • To give individuals the chance to experience life coaching
  • To give them a chance to see how I work- the coaching systems and models used
  • Explore different systems to achieve clarity
  • To see if we are the right match – coach and client
    Free Clarity Session Online appointments by Smoothbook

     Remember – you were born to be somebody!


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